Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca

Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca


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About me

I am an entrepreneur and consultant in sustainability and forestry. I have had the chance to promote 3 new businesses and the re-emerge of a professional association. Always with great fellow travelers.

I´m passionate about forests, teamwork and leadership understood as giving voice to our own nature, as the commitment and determination for the development of one´s potential.

Along the way, I have seen the value of people and the synergy that is unleashed when a solid human basis are set up.

In these years of entrepreneurship I have participated in the creation of two consulting firms: Agresta Sociedad Cooperativa Madrileña (2000-2003) and Genea Consultores (since 2003).

I´ve managed and executed more than 75 projects of forestry consulting and engineering on forest management, reforestation, silviculture, harvesting, tracks, ecological restoration, FSC certification, wildfire protection, spatial planning, protected areas, IT implementation, process improvement, leadership, high performance teams, and lately, corporate responsibility and sustainability, with clients in the Canary Islands, Madrid, Navarra, Castilla y León and Basque Country.

At present I am working bridging the gap between society and forests. Exploring the relation between sustainability, corporate responsibility and forests ecosystems. At last launching a start-up for living with a legacy of positive environmental footprint:

You can find more information at:

My interests

Forests, nature and the bridge between these and people and society.

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