Sjoerd Spaanjaars

Sjoerd Spaanjaars

Director, Consultancy Services

Dexom BV

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About me

I am an experienced manager connecting strategy, tactics and operations in both a business and technical production environment. Key words describing my personality are: committed, expressive, and entrepreneurial.

I highly value teamwork but am dynamic, determined, disciplined, reliable, and efficient, whenever the situation so demands, turning ideas into practical action. Moreover, my extensive international work experience in Europe, Africa, China and the USA, has enabled me to act as an inspiring and serving leader and figurehead.

Adding Value

I have extensive marketing know-how, broad experience in various product market combinations, vast experience in supply chain management, as well as in-depth expertise of various technical production processes. I am able to quickly detect malfunctioning policies, procedures, work habits, and operational routines and based upon critical analysis, able to (re-) align the organisation with its chosen strategy. Also, I am well able to review, adapt, and formulate business strategies as organisations seek to find and maintain their competitive edge in today’s fast changing business environment. I secure business strategy implementation through internal, organisational alignment and full engagement of all staff and other relevant stakeholders.

I am results-driven and keen on regaining and protecting profitability as well as meeting the organisation’s financial performance indicators – in this context, I will achieve an adequate control environment, which I believe is key for sustained business success.


I have realised renewed profitability in listed, international companies in machine building, plastics, and in the metal and renewable energy sector in Europe; I have built, developed, and supported SME’s in several countries in East Africa. Lived and worked in East Africa for approximately 8 years. See for more information and

I have been successful in achieving results in various quality improvement projects in, amongst other countries, China. I use strategic re-orientation and lean philosophy techniques to re-structure organisations and/or re-engineer business processes.

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I hold a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a European Master Degree in Logistics. I have attended training courses in change management, finance, and sales and marketing as well as an Executive Programme at the Kellogg University in Chicago. I have succesfully finished a Master Class for Board Members at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in February 2015.

Over the years, I have sharpened my analytical and social communication skills to enhance success in change management and quality improvement initiatives as well as in business process re-engineering, business innovation and strategy formulation.

Above all, I am determined to establish a fit between my motivation and key competencies and the ambitions and challenges of an organisation.

My interests

i'm interested in helping (young) entrepeneurs and (young) companies in meeting the results they have projected in their business plans. Being hands-on and living and working in East Africa, travelling extensively in wider East Africa, setting up businesses myself, I canb say with confidence that I'm an added value to the Managing Director and /or his Management Team. Coaching, asking questions, looking for solutions together which makes my day and most certainly if it drives the results within the companies plans. 

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