Andrew Emmanuel Kezala

Andrew Emmanuel Kezala

We are a business support organization that focuses on providing trade and business services that enables companies in Uganda to become competitive locally and internationally. We provide hands-on-support and advisory services to the business community, enterprises and address challenges that affect enterprises in their quest for better increasing their business performance. We also target producers and exporters of different commodities in agriculture, horticulture, textiles, commercial crafts, apiculture, food processing, services such as tourism and travel among others. We provides services like market information, training and capacity development, enterprise mentoring and advisory, promotion and marketing, research and Consultancy. TBDC is relative a new business support organization but its membership is expanding faster

Trade and Business Development Centre.



About me

Andrew is an Agricultural Economist with 9½ years of a well-built background to offer technical advice and implementationin the Agribusiness sector and business development in Northern, Eastern and Central Uganda with experience in developing new business models and markets that benefit the poor and increase climate resilience, Making Markets Work for Poor (M4P), identify and implement potential Climate–Smart business models by supporting, researching, designing and managing rural agricultural value chain development programmesexperience in business strategy development with focus on agricultural value chainsprivate sector investment identification, design and feasibilitand brokering partnerships,pursue private sector partners to invest in a new business idea on purely commercial terms